We are receiving payments via eSellerate all around the world and also via SoftKey in the Russia.

The ALXsoftware always offer 30% educational discount for any order via eSellerate.
Contact us, send a copy of educational license and get a discount coupon ID.

Individual licenses:

CharView Free CVOSX3X000-T92B-1AQ5-P10D-1EB2-2301
SleepLess Free ASLXL2X000-53ER-D69F-34HS-1A5X-44E0
Numerator Free ALXNM2X000-EX2M-AB1S-0020-99PF-BF37
LogonWatcher  Free ASEWNLT000-2E13-XB58-1XA1-5F1S-5180